Sri Yantra Mandala ~ Hand-Painted Organic T-Shirt ~ Small

Sri Yantra Mandala ~ Hand-Painted Organic T-Shirt ~ Small

Hand-Painted Organic Sacred Geometry T-Shirt ~ Sri Yantra Mandala Fractal Expression with Hexagon Tesselation, Flower of Life, Honeycomb patterning  & more.


Spectrum Geometry's Classic T-Shirts are Hand-Painted, One-of-a-kind works of Washable, Wearable Art!  ~ Fair Trade ~ 100% Organic Cotton ~


This ~Small~ sized T-Shirt measures:

-20" inches Wide (Measured from arm pit to arm pit)

-28" inches Long (Measured from shoulder to bottom of t-shirt)


**Machine Wash Cold Inside-Out**  **Hang Dry**


Each unique painting is created with home-made stenciles and airbrushes on 100% Organic Cotton, Fair Trade Certified Tee Shirts. We are blessed to work with HaeNow, whose clothes are of epic quality, are super comfy, built to last for adventurous spirits AND all with the commitment to being a model of sustainable and ethical business that cares for our global community!


Original Airbrush paintings on ethical apparel by Spectrum Geometry Artist Collective:  <Annie Kyla Bee <> Jack Henry <> Dillon Endico >  


Inspired by cymatics, sound healing, mandala meditation, chemistry, and resonance; these patterns are an attempt to relate universal truths and harmonies to human life - to map the Love vibrating through each of us. By representing the chakra system on the back of each Tee as the first seven geometric shapes, this set of colors/numbers/shapes is related to the most basic building blocks of the universe - number - to the light spectrum, to musical octave, and to the human self.


This piece is unique hand-painted, and only exists in the size and color shown here. Every one is a unique piece of art! Contact for custom requests in other sizes/colors. 



  • Care Instructions

    Machine Wash, Inside-Out in COLD water.


    Hang to Dry.

  • Return Policy

    No Returns ////


    Exchanges: Yes - Within 14 days - Happy to exchange clothing that doesn't fit for clothing that does!