Sacred Geometry Mandala Handcrafted & Dyed Leather Notebook Journal Cover

One-of-a-kind handcrafted leather Sacred Geometry Notebook Journal Cover with w/ flower of life, crystals, sacred geometry & more on a beautifully dyed background. All hand tooled and dyed by Jarred of Lost Sailor Design Leather Art 

This beautiful Journal Cover measures 9" x 6" and is a perfect size for a carry-along journal for you or your loved ones. This high quality, handcrafted leather journal is super sturdy and will last throughout a lifetime of active use! Sleeves are sewed into either side so that you can easily replace your removable notebook once it fills up. Each journal is a unique & beautiful, functional piece of art. Comes with complementary lined notebook to get you started!

For more sizes, & designs: Check out Jarred's other amazing leatherworks (belts, wallets, wall hangings, keychains and more) at LostSailorDesign on Etsy or his facebook: Lost Sailor Design Leather Art