Metatron's Cube Mandala ~ Hand-Painted Organic Women's Tank Top ~ XL

Hand-Painted Organic Bamboo Women's Sacred Geometry Tank Top ~ Metatron's Cube Tank Top w/ Flower of Life, Honeycomb & more.


Spectrum Geometry's Classic Tank Tops are Hand-Painted, One-of-a-kind works of Washable, Wearable Art!  ~ Fair Trade ~ Organic Bamboo / Cotton Blend ~


This ~XL~ sized Women's Racerback Tank Top measures:

Women US Sizes 14-16:
Chest: 41"-43"


**Machine Wash Cold Inside-Out**  **Hang Dry**


Each unique Women's Racerback painting is created with home-made stenciles and airbrushes on 100% Organic Bamboo & Cotton blanks made in the USA.


Original Airbrush paintings on ethical apparel by Spectrum Geometry Artist Collective:  <Annie Kyla Bee <> Jack Henry <> Dillon Endico >  


Inspired by cymatics, sound healing, mandala meditation, chemistry, and resonance; these patterns are an attempt to relate universal truths and harmonies to human life - to map the Love vibrating through each of us. By representing the chakra system on the back of each Tee as the first seven geometric shapes, this set of colors/numbers/shapes is related to the most basic building blocks of the universe - number - to the light spectrum, to musical octave, and to the human self.


This piece is unique hand-painted, and only exists in the size and color shown here. Every one is a unique piece of art! Contact for custom requests in other sizes/colors. 



  • Care Instructions

    Machine Wash, Inside-Out in COLD water.


    Hang to Dry.

  • Return Policy

    No Returns ////


    Exchanges: Yes - Within 14 days - Happy to exchange clothing that doesn't fit for clothing that does!

Women's Sizes
Base Color: Navy Blue