mystic visions of unity 

                     jack henry visionary art 


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     Come with me on a visual exploration through the mythos & mystery, cosmology & philosophy of Earth's multitudinous cultures from Past, Present, and Future. On this journey I hope to inspire within each viewer the opportunity to ask questions of themselves & others regarding who and what we are, both individually and collectively, and where we go from here. The alchemical process of painting affords abundant opportunity for insight - I can only hope that my visions can invoke new perspectives, questions, and opportunities for growth in others as they have for me.

Born in Viriginia, Jack Henry grew up in Charleston, SC where his maternal grandmother actively supported his budding artistic interests throughout childhood, shuttling him from elementary school to art classes, as well as constantly providing new media and literature to further his creative studies.


Jack went on to study anthropology, sociology, comparative religion & philosophy at the College of Charleston, where he learned invaluable perspectives on humanity and it’s trajectory on earth as well as about multitudes of cultures, religions, and philosophies around the world that blend into this beautiful and chaotic existence we are all a part of.


After meeting visionary artist Annie Kyla Bennett in 2013, it didn’t take long for their romance to flourish and for Jack to be inspired to pick up a paint brush himself to see what could happen. While being incredibly inspired by the creative community of artists he now called friends, up to this point, Jack still did not see how he could paint too, having little more to do with creating visual art in the last 8 years other than doodling in class. With Annie’s brain and supplies at Jack’s disposal, he started to paint.


Since then, Jack has presented his paintings in festival galleries across the country from OR and AZ to FL and NC, as well as creating new paintings live in front of audiences at many of these events. Jack is a resident muralist at Hulaween Festival in Live Oak, FL, as well as with collaborative group Medicine Heart Murals at Electric Forest Festival in Rothbury, MI.


Jack has been blessed to learn and grow in a hugely supportive community of artists from the live-painting scene, who have been so willing to share their talents and wisdom. His style is influenced by many of these contemporary artists who he has been able to watch and learn from, such as Annie Bennett, Dillon Endico, Blais Bellenoit and Emily Kell, as well as by the work of masters like visionary artist Alex Grey, surrealist Salvador Dali, fantastic realists Robert Venosa & Ernst Fuchs, and classical masters from the 1400's and forward: Heironymous Bosche, DaVinci, Carravaggio and Rembrandt.

Now, at the end of 2018, Jack & Annie live together in Asheville, NC nurturing a life centered around their creative passions for painting and a desire to invoke positive change for the Earth and our global society.