Spectrum Geometry represents a small but growing family of hardworking artists who are dedicated to creating meaningful artworks that educate and inspire. Entirely owned and operated by us, the artists, Spectrum Geometry has an unwavering mission to promote positive social and environmental change through paint! We are proud to offer a diverse range of original Art & Apparel products that are produced with environmental consciousness, ethical practices, and heartfelt intentions.

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About Spectrum Geometry Sacred Art Apparel

Annie Bennett was born into a family of artists and from childhood dabbled in any and all media that she could get her hands on. With Some parental guidance, Annie embarked upon a lifelong adventure of creation. In 2007 the concept of Spectrum Geometry was born along with some hand-painted t-shirts Annie had begun painting as a hobby on the side. Before long, enough people had asked where Annie had gotten her geometry tees, that it became clear that this project wasn't just for her anymore!


Spectrum Geometry became yet another outlet for artistic expression, which Annie could combine with her lifelong fascination with the patterns of geometry in nature, physics, culture, and art. Starting with a few spray-painted t-shirts created with designs from hand-cut stencils, Spectrum Geometry continued to flourish and grow over the next years as an artistic outlet and breath of fresh air to contrast a busy schedule of Chemistry & Physics in Annie's Biochemistry research program at University of North Carolina Wilmington. In these laboratories, Annie watched as those geometric shapes which had so long fascinated her on paper came to life as the building blocks of all matter - forming the elements of which all of nature is comprised. 


Spectrum Geometry is a visual exploration of the concept of vibrational resonance, seeking the midpoint between physics, music, and eastern mysticism to find a passive, meditative mode of healing the human spirit. Here's how this concept works for Spectrum Geometry: There is a natural resonance frequency (or vibration) for each and every thing, your cells included. When that frequency is vibrated with enough amplitude, each thing whose natural resonance matches that frequency begins to vibrate also. If something is singing out of tune - a bit flat of its natural frequency - an in-tune vibration of larger amplitude will cause it to ring true and hit that natural resonance note. Aside from music, these concepts are at play in ultrasound imaging and ablation technologies, as well as in traditional sound healing methods. Spectrum Geometry applies these concepts to light vibrations, which are experienced by our body's most powerful and sensitive organs, our eyes, allowing our body to see a visual mapping of vibrational resonance. In theory, this geometric mandala art is an attempt to conspire with the visual system to affect a deeper-than-aesthetic art experience; to deliver calm, healthy, and loving vibrations directly to the spirit. These healing mandalas are combind with a variety of significant cultural symbols and patterns (that are full of their own lessons to be explored) in the hopes that together these elements will inspire intellectual and spiritual growth. 


Today, Spectrum Geometry has been going for over 10 years and has grown steadily from a part-time hobby into a full-time artistic endeavor. Over the years layers and layers of complexity have been built into a creative process that has never stopped evolving and continues to contribute to exciting new products and creations each year. It is a never-ending joy and blessing to see how each of these unique paintings become cherished artifacts in the lives of those who come to own them. The amount of love & energy put into the creation of this sacred art clothing line along with their beautiful artistry and potent symbolic meanings have made Spectrum Geometry tees, hoodies, leggings, and tanks a source of light & inspiration to everyone who sees them!